Scent, Emotions, and Memories

“… I carried to my lips a spoonful of the tea in which I had let soften a bit of madeleine. But at the very instant when the mouthful of tea mixed with cake crumbs touched my palate, I quivered, attentive to the extraordinary thing that was happening inside me.”

– Marcel Proust “À la recherche du temps perdu”

Research has shown that scent is closely linked with our emotions and memories. In this legendary passage in the 1913 novel “In Search of Lost Time, French author Marcel Proust describes a sensory experience that triggers a rush of memories from a seemingly forgotten past. It speaks to so many people that this experience got its name: The Proustian moment.

Here at Ta-ne, each bath bomb has its signature scent that hopefully will bring you a Proustian moment of your own. It could be an unforgettable trip in the Maldives with your loved ones, long-distance childhood memories riding bikes in the park surrounding by flowers, or even just a relaxing afternoon that extends to a good night’s sleep.

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